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Special Event Registration

Please register your guest for the Special Event for Money 201.

June 26, 2024

Zoom is available using the following link, please send this link to your online guests:

Special Event Registration

From time to time there are "special events" such recent webinars tailored to a specific "audience".  Women's events, teacher events, financial awareness, events to educate a younger audience and others discuss issues and strategies directly affecting these groups.

Register your guest for the event.

Once you register your guest, you will receive a confirmation text indicating your guest has been registered (if you've provided your phone number).

If your guest is attending in person, they will receive a confirmation text along with the office address, what to expect when they arrive and even a link to google maps helping them find you.

If your guest is attending via Zoom, please ensure you select "zoom" and they will receive an email from Zoom with the webinar link.